"What About Kids?™" Question Mark

"What About Kids?™" Question Mark

Raise awareness for childhood cancer with ACCO's distinct campaign, "What About Kids?™" 

If state funds have been allocated to adult cancer research, we must ask ourselves… what about kids?


The majority of cancer research at the national level is dedicated to adult cancers, not childhood cancers. ACCO was inspired by the success of Kentucky and their “Why Not Kids®” program: a state-level initiative to overcome this disparity. ACCO’s goal — and the goal of What About Kids? — is to spread this success across the country. Together, we can make childhood cancer a state health priority in funding and policies for kids fighting cancer and long-term childhood cancer survivors.

With the largest grassroots advocacy network in the country, we are here to support and provide data for your elected officials to understand how childhood cancer impacts families where you are. If you would like to receive a digital advocacy toolkit with a ten-step process for creating policy change in your state, get in touch with us:

jbeckstrand@acco.org, Director, 'What About Kids?®' Research Initiative


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