Medical Play Kit

Medical Play Kit

It is natural for any child to be fearful of new experiences and strange environments—for children with cancer, the hospital can quickly become a scary, confusing place that they associate with pain and sickness. The ACCO’s Medical Play Kit is a free resource now available for *bulk purchase designed to familiarize children battling cancer with many of the medical instruments they will encounter during their hospital stays. We hope to empower children by helping them become more comfortable in a hospital environment and giving them the opportunity to play the role of doctor/caregiver rather than be forced into the role of patient.

One of the strongest types of fear is that of the unknown— by giving children the opportunity to better understand and mentally prepare for upcoming tests or treatments, the Medical Play Kit helps to move formerly scary/unknown procedures into the familiar category, thereby easing the child’s anxiety and fear related to certain aspects of treatment.

If you would like more information on the items included in the kit please refer to the list here:

This kit is also available as a set that includes our Cozy Port-a-Cat who pairs perfectly. Please see this additional listing in our store if you would like a Cozy included with your Medical Play Kit here:

*Bulk orders are limited to 50 kits at a lowered price with the option of ordering additional kits as needed. This is due to the high demand for the kits as well as the assembly and shipping process.



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